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Friday, January 8, 2016
Welcome to my first installment of Friday Freebies and Bargain Books for 2016! Please join me each Friday as I share with you Free and Bargain Kindle books that have caught my eye...and have most likely been added to my ever growing list of books to read! (Please be aware that prices are subject to change without notice and you'll want to double check the current prices before purchase.)

Polly's Pride (Polly's Journey Book #1)
By Freda Lightfoot
Kindle Edition: 99cents
1920s, Manchester. Living in the deprived area of Ancoats area of Manchester Polly Pride feels more fortunate than most until her husband Matthew loses his job and her life is thrown into turmoil.

With no money coming in Polly must act to keep her family from starvation. In a desperate gamble she sells all the family goods and buys a handcart, from which she sells second-hand rugs and carpets. But struggling to deal with poverty and her husband’s hurt pride are only the start of her problems.

For when tragedy strikes Polly has to do battle with the bigotry of a sour brother-in-law to keep herself and her family from falling apart.

A stirring, heartrending story of love, passion, duty and family, set in the 1920s as the Second World War

The Downstairs Maid
By Rosie Clark
Kindle Editon: $1.99
She is a servant girl...

When her father becomes ill, Emily Carter finds herself sent into service at Priorsfield Manor in order to provide the family with an income.
He will be the Lord of the Manor...

Emily strikes up an unlikely friendship with the daughters of the house, as well as Nicolas, son of the Earl. But as the threat of war comes ever closer, she becomes even more aware of the vast differences between upstairs and downstairs, servant and master...

If you like Downton Abbey you’ll love this!

Mother's Ruin
By Kitty Neale
Kindle Edition: 99cents
When her beloved Gran has a stroke, Sally and her family move back home in order to look after her. But Sadie's illness has made the wise woman they once knew bigoted and bad-tempered. Sadie is testing everyone's patience, including Sally's mum Ruth, and her husband Arthur.

Their problems are nothing compared with Tommy, the little ruffian next door. With an absentee father and an alcoholic mother, Tommy has a hard life. However, Ruth sees the good in him and takes him under her wing, but his unpredictable and violent mother has other ideas.

Meanwhile, the stress of living cheek-by-jowl with Sally's family is starting to push Arthur away. As cracks in their marriage begin to appear, both Sally and Arthur must work out where their priorities lie before it's too late…

Another compelling family drama from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Lost Angel and Nobody's Girl.

Forgotten Child
By Kitty Neale
Kindle Edition: 99cents
Will she ever find a home where she can belong?

ALONE…Jennifer Lavender was a lonely child. She always felt like second best and desperately craved her parents love.

ADOPTED…When Jenny learns she was adopted everything falls into place. But her dream of finding her real family can never be fulfilled - her mother died alone giving birth.

ABANDONED… Now a grown woman, she attempts to fill her void by marrying Marcos. For a while she feels loved, but when the police show up at their door Jenny realises that her marriage is not what it seemed. Destitute, she is forced to move away and start again.

ASTOUNDED… While adjusting to her new life by the sea, Jenny meets a young woman who will change her life forever. Together they search for the truth, but what they discover may be more than they can bear.

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