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Friday, October 9, 2015

A Place Called Bliss (Saskatchewan Saga Book #1) (FREE)
One's blood stirs at the pounding thunder of buffalo hooves; the other's thrills to the sound of tinkling crystal and rustling taffeta.

Mary Morrison: Simple, devoted, and true, Mary dreams of leaving servitude in Scotland for equal footing in a land of freedom. She and her husband, Angus, set their hopes on a place called Bliss, a frontier town in the wilds of Saskatchewan.

Sophia Galloway: Born to nobility and married to affluence, Sophia wants for nothing, save an heir for the Galloway name. When she becomes pregnant, all her hopes and dreams rest on her baby's future. Sophia and her husband, Hugh, both restless for a new challenge, embark on a journey to Canada where they are sure to be scions of Toronto society.
To both the Morrisons and the Galloways, Canada beckons with the promise of opportunity. Once there, Mary and Sophia go their separate ways, one to conquer elite society and one to conquer the unrelenting wilds of the bush country. Yet they share an unknown secret, a commonality so compelling it will bind them together the rest of their lives.

Tales for Christmas: Free festive tasters to warm your heart (FREE)
Free festive tasters to warm your heart from three bestselling authors.

Read samples from the following books:

In Time for Christmas by Katie Flynn
In the maelstrom of war, sisters Addy and Prue both fall for Giles, a pilot in the RAF. When his plane goes down, the sisters must put aside their differences and pray he comes back in time for Christmas.

The Ragged Heiress by Dilly Court
On a bitter winter's day, an unnamed girl lies dangerously ill in hospital. When two coarse, rough-speaking individuals come to claim her, she can remember nothing.

It's a Vet's Life by Cathy Woodman
Alex and Maz are due to get married at Christmas. But as busy country vets, there's little time for each other, let alone arranging a wedding. It's going to take a Christmas miracle to get these two down the aisle.

The Stanford Lasses ($1.99)
They loved. They lost. They lived.

In the small Yorkshire town of Cottenly - dominated by the steel works and surrounded by beautiful countryside - Isaac Stanford lives with his wife Emily and their three lovely daughters, known locally as the Stanford lasses. Alice, the eldest, lives only for her work as a secretary and chapel on Sunday. Fair and loving Lizzie is content with her job making umbrellas - until she falls in love with George Crossman and all she desires is to be a wife and mother. And headstrong Ruth, the merry one, is intent upon marrying handsome charmer, Walter Wray, despite warnings from friends and family.

Already emotionally damaged by a traumatic childhood, Alice struggles to lead a normal life. Poor but happy with her ever increasing family, with the onset of war, Lizzie faces the threat of losing all she holds dear. And Ruth soon realises she has made a terrible mistake in her marriage as she becomes trapped in a life of poverty and violence. As the years pass each sister is forced to confront her greatest challenge ...

For All Our Tomorrows ($1.63)
From Sunday Times bestselling author, Freda Lightfoot. 1943, when hundreds of US Marines arrive at a quiet Cornish town, two lives will never be the same again.

Trapped in a small town resistant to change, Bette can’t resist handsome GI, Chad. But when reality draws in, Bette realises that their love was based on empty promises…

Meanwhile Bette’s sister Sarah, is tormented by her possessive husband, but even his jealous attempts to keep her out of temptation can't prevent Sarah falling for officer Charlie.

Caught in the very worst of times with the turmoil and upheaval of war all around them, can these sisters find a brighter future for tomorrow?

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